UCA Videos

Below are several videos we have recorded from different demo vehicles, TV shows, and customer installs we have done. If you are a customer and want to submit your own videos of installs we have done for you, feel free to email us at ucaudio@cox.net and we may post it on here. Enjoy! 

Here's a video of a awesome gaming trailer we had built for a customer.

Below are a few videos of our old shop demo car, the UCA Scion Xb. 


Note: The audio will sound distorted, as the tremendous bass from the Scion is too much

for the camera microphone to handle.

We decided to have a little fun and make our own "Hair-Trick" video showing off the
Scion's Sound Pressure Levels (SPL).

Here is a video of some custom work we did for a TV show... Enjoy!

Below is one of our customer submitted videos of work we have done for them... Please check back soon for more videos.