Harley Davidson F-250

Congratulations to the owner of this Ford F-250 
Harley-Davidson Super Duty!

Your truck has been chosen for our new V.I.P. Rides Page.

Our talented installer T.J. did all of the audio install work on this beautiful F-250.

The head unit starts off with a Clarion VX709 double din, complete with Navigation.

 To get a louder and stronger sound stage up front, the front door panels were modified and some custom panels were made up to house two sets of the Focal Access 165A1 speakers in each door. 

The rear doors were also modified to house another set of the Focal Access 165A1 components.

Mounted behind the rear seats are two 13.5" JL Audio TW5 subwoofers that reside in a custom built sealed enclosure. Each subwoofer has its own JL Audio HD 750/1 amp on it. 

Three JL Audio HD amps are custom mounted inside the rear seat's center console and are hidden out of sight.

There are two HD 750/1 amps that provide power to the two 13.5" TW5 subs, and a HD 600/4 that drives the front Focal 
components in the doors.

A single JL Audio 300/2 amp is also mounted under the rear passenger seat and that provides power for the Focal components installed in the rear doors.