1969 Camaro

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Eric's 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28

Eric Gongora wanted to have a unique sound system that would rock out in his Muscle Car. For this task, he contacted Sean Warn, the owner and operator of Unique Car Audio. Sean and his employee Chase Moll, both sat down with Eric and designed out a wonderful setup that would fit Eric's music taste and budget. Once they had everything picked out, Eric turned the keys over to them and gave them a week to complete the task at hand. Sean then had one of his talented installers, Michael Rude, start working on the car. Below you will see photos of the results. 

First the Camaro was completely gutted of its interior. Everything was stripped down to bare metal. Then the entire interior of the car and trunk was covered with Dynamat Extreme. This was to keep the car from rattling from the bass, and keep the road and engine noise down in the inside of the car so Eric could enjoy his stereo system without any background noise.

Next a Clarion CZ519 deck was installed in the factory radio location. A Python 990 2-way alarm with remote start was also installed up front as well. Blue neons was also installed under the dash on both the driver and passenger side of the car. With a flip of a hidden switch, the floors of the car light up.

(Note: We were unable to show these neon lights in the photo, as these pictures were taken outside during the daylight hours and the camera wasn't able to pick them up for your viewing pleasure.)

JL Audio's TR650-CXi 6.5" Coaxial speakers were installed in each of the front doors.

JL Audio's TR690-TXi 6x9" speakers were also installed in the back of the car in the factory speaker locations,
to bring in the audio system's rear fill.

In the trunk of the Camaro, a trio of JL Audio's new 10" W0v2 subs was installed in a custom sealed enclosure. Above the subwoofer enclosure hidden from view are some vent holes that allow the bass to travel inside the car with ease. The sound is very tight and accurate, with plenty of output to put a smile on Eric's face.

A custom amp rack was made to house the system's two amplifiers.  It also has a cover to hide the amps from view, and to protect the amps from any possible damage from items being stored in the trunk. The amplifier that powers the subwoofers is a JL Audio 500/1v2 amp providing each subwoofer with plenty of power. The other JL Audio amplifier is a 300/4v2 amp that powers the speakers inside the car.

Sean had the plexi-glass etched with the 1969 Camaro logo and Unique Car Audio logo surrounded with flames. The plexiglass was modified and highlighted with blue neon lights. When the system is playing, the etched logos on the plexiglass glows blue, matching the neon lights inside the rest of the car. 

(Note: It's hard to see the neon lights very well in this photo, as this was taking during the daytime outside during the photo shoot.)

The Z/28 Camaro project was completed inside of a week. Unique Car Audio also completed the window tint for the Camaro as well before handing over the keys to a smiling Eric Gongora.